Shujinko Express

Level 2
260 Collins Street, Melbourne
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As Melbourne’s first 24-hour ramen restaurant, Shujinko is a local institution. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who has not stopped by one of its inner-city restaurants for a fast lunch date or late-night feed following a night out.

The restaurant’s motto is “put your heart into the noodles and your love into the soup”, and that is clear from the first sip. The traditional pork-based broth is boiled for over 12 hours to bring out the deepest and richest flavours, then it is topped with the freshest local ingredients.

While ramen is no doubt the hero of the story, Shujinko has something for everyone with hand-made gyoza and noodles on offer as well.

Shujinko Express is located at the St. Collins Lane Food Hall on Level 2.