FashionThe Spring Racing dress code explained

  • October 8, 2018
  • St. Collins Lane

The four major days of the Spring Racing Carnival are fast approaching and it’s no secret that understanding the dress code is just as important as the big race day.

Each of the four days of the Spring Racing Carnival – Derby, Melbourne Cup, Oaks and Stakes Day, have a theme that must adhered to. As the carnival revolves around etiquette and traditions, the strict dress codes should be front of mind when deciding what to wear.

Let us guide you through the key themes and trends for this year’s racing season to make sure you’re ready for that perfect photo finish.


The Spring Racing Carnival kicks off with a monochrome dress code that calls for timeless elegance. Derby Day requires patrons to choose between strictly black, white or a combination of the two tones.

Expect to see trends transferring from the runway to the field. Our tip? Structured blazers and pantsuits will be standout trends this year.

Look from CUE.

Spring Racing

The biggest day on the racing calendar each year is Melbourne Cup day, and this truly is the day to go hard or go home with your styling choices.

Lovers of colour rejoice, as most important day on the Spring Racing calendar is all about bold and bright pops of colour, paired with a statement headpiece.

Look from Debenhams.

Spring Racing

Who runs the world? Girls! Also knows as Ladies Day, Oaks Day is all about embracing your femininity. If there is ever a time to celebrate girl power, this is it.

Think floral patterns, lace and springtime pastels. Headpieces should follow suit, so explore options that are intricately detailed.

Look from Review.

Spring Racing

The fourth and final day of the racing carnival is Stakes Day and it’s by far the most relaxed day of the carnival. Traditionally a day for families, the fashion on the fields is designed to match.

Loose fitting flowy dresses, casual pantsuits, patterned dresses and wide-brimmed straw hats are expected to make their presence known on the final day that wraps up Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival.

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Spring Racing

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