FashionTHE ART OF UNISEX: Challenging gender in fashion

  • June 4, 2018
  • St. Collins Lane

Welcome to the gender revolution. As the traditional notions of masculinity and femininity evolve, so too do our wardrobes. Fashion designers are continuing to challenge the traditions of gender, promoting androgynous ideals through the shapes, textures, silhouettes and materials we dress in.

The clothing liberation movement in the twentieth century saw designers such as Yves Saint Laurent create the Le Smoking tuxedo – a daring statement that pioneered the creation of today’s paint suit as well as David Bowie, a new kind of avant-garde that fused future and fashion with formidable force.

Today, major fashion houses have been blurring the gender boundaries with shared male and female runway shows, cross-pollinating his and her looks between models.

Why shouldn’t a woman be able to wear a padded suit?

Why shouldn’t a man be able to rock a patterned blouse?

The message is clear: the art of unisex in fashion is now.

Across the globe, brands continue to bring their most bold designers to the forefront of fashion.

From Paris with love, The Kooples founders Nicolas Dreyfus and Alexandre Elicha have created one of France’s favourite brands and seemingly managed to turn the romance of fashion into an understated clothing staple amongst both men and women. Cementing that image with craftsmanship and on-trend styles, the founders also wanted to tackle gender-neutral fashion front on.

“Although sometimes a good designer might not look at the trend of the client. They just create for the sake of creation. We are different. We are in the fashion of creation. We have a passion for the job and we are born for this business.” says Elicha.

In today’s post-gender world, masculine and feminine definitions are being switched and obscured to accommodate a new freedom in fashion that is both rousing and rebellious.

Bring it on.

The Kooples is located on Ground Floor at St. Collins Lane.

Couple Gabi and Sung Jin in The Kooples

Twin sisters Miranda and Elektra in The Kooples

Couple Sasha and Milo in The Kooples.