FoodHigh tea how-tos

  • June 16, 2016
  • St. Collins Lane

Travel back in time with Runya’s Room, a sophisticated fusion between a champagne bar and High Tea saloon, opening this week on the Ground Floor of St. Collins Lane.

Inspired by a luxurious and lively 1970s lounge, Runya’s Room is set to offer bubbly champagne and delectable delights, including their famed selection of macarons and Petit Fours.

While Victorian-era dresses, lacy hats and matching parasols of the bygone high tea bars are no longer, patrons of today can still capture an air of old-world glamour when they visit Runya’s Room and enjoy a traditional high tea sitting.

Looking for etiquette tips to practice at High Tea?

Pinkies out! The reason guests traditionally hold a pinky finger out for balance is rooted in traditional teacups, which had no handles. Today, this isn’t such an issue, but the practice has remained. And remember never to loop your fingers through the handles of the cups themselves.

When excusing oneself from the table, protocol is to place your napkin to the left side of your table setting.

When stirring your tea, try not to mix the tea too fast in a circular motion with your spoon. Instead, start at the rim closest to you and ‘fold’ the tea way from you to the other edge a few times.

Of course, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and relax, taking in the experience that is tea with Runya’ Room – the latest luxury addition to St. Collins Lane’s premium brands.