LifestyleGillie and Marc meets St. Collins Lane

  • February 26, 2018
  • St. Collins Lane

Get your iPhones ready, St. Collins Lane has welcomed a new friend of EPIC proportions – a bronze statue from world-renowned artists, Gillie and Marc, that stands at a gasp-worthy 1.8 metres.

Part of Gillie and Marc’s global ‘Travel Everywhere with Love’ campaign, the sculpture titled He knew sthis was going to be a year of good fortune, has been created in honour of the Year of the Dog. It features Gillie and Marc’s iconic Dogman character holding a giant, ruby red apple. Fun fact? Just as red is a lucky colour in Chinese culture, the Chinese word for apple sounds like the word for peace!

Speaking about the sculpture, the husband and wife duo said, “we created Dogman holding an apple to spread the message of diversity and acceptance for all beings, and inspire the pursuit of a better world.”

So go forth, and spread the love – view this spectacular artwork on Ground Floor between Maje and Zadig and Voltaire.

To learn more about the ‘Travel Everywhere with Love’ project, visit: