FoodFood Hall has arrived!

  • May 12, 2019
  • St. Collins Lane

Calling all Melbourne foodies! We’ve welcomed Sushi Boto, Saint Dreux, Meat the Challenge and Poke Workshop to our new Food Hall.

Joining your favourites such as Burger Project created by Neil Perry, Think Asia, Papadam and 70 Grams, these new foodies will take you on an exciting culinary journey from the bustling alleyways of Japan to the deep heart of Texas.

Whether it’s for a quick lunchtime bite, a coffee catch-up or sit-down indulgence, you’ll have more delicious and culturally-diverse choices than ever on Melbourne’s beloved Collins Street.


A Melbourne-first, Sushi Boto is a sushi-train concept but not as you know it. Instead of the typical train track, your sushi favourites are delivered by boat – hence the Japanese-derived name Sushi Boto which literally translates to Sushi Boat.

The brainchild of the team behind Melbourne’s popular White Mojo cafes, this venue will be a twist on your typical sushi restaurant, offering your beloved sashimi and nigiri, along with exciting Melbourne-inspired dishes such as a tempura avocado.

You can’t forget about its Instagramable pink-hued interiors either. One step into Sushi Boto and you’ll be transported to the colourful streets of Tokyo, complete with claw machines and vending machines.


Not your average coffee shop – Saint Dreux is a Japanese-inspired coffee and katsu sando bar, brought to you by the team behind speciality coffee bars Slater Street Bench and 580 Bench.

Saint Dreux’s hero dish is no doubt the katsu sando – a popular Japanese sandwich consisting of a Panko-crumbed pork cutlet sandwiched between two slices of white bread – with delicious variations including Wagyu Beef, Tori (chicken), Ebi (prawn) Tonkatsu (Kurobuta Berkshire Pork) and Tamago (egg).

For those with a sweet tooth, it’ll also be serving up house-made castella – a Japanese sponge cake that is unbelievably fluffy and bouncy in texture – in flavours such as black sesame, matcha and hojicha (roasted green tea).

Saint Dreux Coffee Shop Melbourne CBD

For those who prefer a refreshing yet nourishing feed, Poke Workshop – sister restaurant to Nosh – brings together the freshest forages from the land and sea to create your ideal bowl of goodness.

Get your creative thinking caps on and DIY a bowl, combining your favourite ingredients and flavours, or let Poke Workshop do the hard yards and choose from its set menu. From salmon to tofu, edamame and seaweed, there’s simply everything here to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.


If smoked meats and BBQ are the name of your game, then Meat the Challenge is a joint that need to be on your radar. Serving up mouth-watering Texan-style dishes packed full of flavour – Meat the Challenge lives up to its name and takes its protein seriously, smoking the meats to ensure that each cut is juicy and tender while perfectly infused with charred BBQ flavours.

Our top picks from the menu? You can’t go wrong with the classic ribs, beef brisket and smoked pulled pork burger.

Sushi Boto, Saint Dreux, Meat the Challenge and Poke Workshop are located in Food Hall, upstairs at St. Collins Lane.