FashionInterview: Covering all bases with Base Colour

  • July 10, 2018
  • St. Collins Lane

The power of two – Holly and Shaun of Base Colour are the face of St. Collins Lane’s winter collaboration, bringing their timeless and effortless attitude with them.

From having everyday jobs to being fully fledged creatives – photography, styling and direction included – Holly and Shaun have had a whirlwind couple of years that have seen them reach new heights.

Fresh off the back of a European adventure – we sat down with Holly and Shaun to talk winter fashion and full-time blogging.

Holly in Sandro, Coach and Jo Mercer
Shaun in The Kooples

What’s your favourite thing about being full-time creatives?

Base Colour: We’re very fortunate that we have the opportunity to travel to amazing places and collaborate with the brands we love. Most of the time it doesn’t even feel like work, we’re sure not many people can say that about their career!

What does your typical day look like?

Base Colour: No two days are ever the same, so a typical day is hard to come by. If we have the opportunity to have an office day, we usually start our morning with a quick visit to the gym before the work day starts. We’ll then sit down together and work our way through emails, followed by planning out the following day, which would most likely involve travelling to the city to shoot upcoming campaigns.

How do you manage working with your partner full time? Can you switch out of work mode ever?

Holly: A lot of people ask this question thinking that it would be hard to work alongside your partner, but to be honest Shaun and I work really well together. We both have different strengths and roles that we bring to the business. In saying that, it is hard to switch out of work mode as there is always something to chat about. We try to get down to the coast as much as possible – going for walks along the beach and leaving our phones behind is the way to go!

Your recent trip to Europe had us glued to our phones! What was your favourite part of the trip?

Base Colour: There were so many amazing highlights, it’s hard to narrow it down. If we had to say one special place in particular, it would have to be Paris. The scenery, shopping and overall aesthetic of Paris was everything we expected and more.

What’s your favourite event on the calendar to go to?

Base Colour: The Spring Carnival is always a highlight as it gives us an opportunity to let our hair down and enjoy ourselves with great company and forget about work for a few days!

What’s your favourite label at St. Collins Lane?

Holly: Sandro/Maje – can’t pick! I’m obsessed with their well-tailored pieces and Parisian chic vibe. I had the hardest time picking out my favourite looks for this campaign.

Shaun: The Kooples – I love their rebellious attitude to fashion.

What wardrobe items do you both share?

Holly: I am quite guilty of “sharing” Shaun’s latest designer pieces.  His Balenciaga denim jacket, hat and Balmain tee have proved to be very handy pieces to travel with (as they take up his luggage and not mine!).

What trend do you wish never comes back?

Base Colour: Drop-crotch pants! Whoever thought these were flattering, got it so wrong!

If you could be one fashion style icon for a day who would it be and why?

Holly: Camille Charriere – I think she’s the epitome of effortless, seriously cool style.

Shaun: David Beckham always gets it right!

Holly in Sandro, Coach and Jo Mercer
Shaun in The Kooples

Who are your favourite people to follow on social media?

Base Colour: @wolfcubwolfcub for serious travel photography envy, @erik.forsgren for Mens Fashion inspo and @styleheroine for Ladies inspo.

What’s your go-to phone editing app?

Base Colour: We generally don’t edit our imagery on our phone and opt for Lightroom for high-res editing. If we have to edit an image on the go, our first preference is VSCO!

What’s in your photography kit?

Base Colour: We have a Canon 5D MkII, and for lenses, we switch between the Canon 24-70mm 2.8, Canon 50mm 1.2, Sigma 35mm 1.8 and Sigma 85mm. We also have a 1.8, Reflector and Scrim, Tripod and a Dji OSMO Pro for videography (there’s a lot in there!)

What do you wish you were told about blogging when you were starting out?

Base Colour: To make sure you live in the moment and not have to worry about capturing everything to share on social media.

What’s something most of your followers don’t know about you?

Holly: I graduated as a Health & PE Teacher.

Shaun: I am a qualified Accountant.

Quick fire question time…

Paris or New York?


Favourite restaurant?

Chin Chin

If you could describe your life in one song, what would it be?

Beautiful Day – U2 or It’s My Life – Bon Jovi

Three most used emojis?

???? ???? ????

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