FashionA sustainable future for fashion

  • November 30, 2018
  • St. Collins Lane

In an age of fast fashion and disposable clothing, an ethical movement has emerged, where sustainable fashion practices are more important than ever.

With the democratisation of fashion and rise of transparency in production processes, consumers have become more and more aware of what they’re wearing, who makes it and where it comes from. On top of that, they are more conscious of their eco-footprint, opting for brands that not only implement environmentally-friendly methods in their production but also create garments that are timeless and built to last.


A brand that has this ethical ethos ingrained in their identity is Adolfo Dominguez. Tracing back to their humble beginnings in Spain, this label was formed through an appreciation for formidable fashion and a sustainable future – challenging the conventions of the fashion world.

“It is possible to create sustainable collections whilst encouraging the sustainability of the planet” explains Tiziana Dominguez, the brand’s Creative Director and daughter to Adolfo Dominguez.

Joining the Climate Project, Adolfo Dominguez celebrates and commits to practices that respect the environment – using materials such as rayon and polyester over cotton, as they require less washing and ironing, therefore less energy over time.

The brand also has a strong animal welfare policy – rejecting the use of exotic animal skins and championing vegan leather, offering a range of durable ethically-made handbags in every shade of the rainbow.

Adolfo Dominguez is located on the Ground Floor.