FoodA guide to Melbourne’s most delicious winter warmers

  • June 20, 2019
  • St. Collins Lane

Melbourne did not earn its title as Australia’s culinary capital on a fluke. A melting pot for all the city’s favourite flavours – there is a cuisine for every food aficionado at Food Hall.


If you are big on beef, barbeque and brisket – then you will love Meat The Challenge.


Smoked to perfection overnight, this Texan-barbeque inspired favourite smokes their meat at a low temperature for up to 16 hours a day – controlling the flavour profile through the smoking process.


Take your pick from an assortment of seasoned meats including lamb ribs, beef brisket and BBQ chicken.


Destined to warm the soul all season long, the best of Texas awaits you at Food Hall.


Full of flavour and bursting with fragrance, there is simply no dish that will warm up your winter like an aromatic curry.


Slow cooked meat, veggies and filling legumes, curries are satisfying, rich and delicious all year round, but particularly popular in the cooler months.


Adopted from culture to culture, the assortment of spices found in curry ignite the perfect hit of spice for even the bravest of chilli fiends.


Beat the winter chill and head to Think Asia this winter, there is no shortage of choice catered to suit every flavour profile.


Originating from Japan’s famous Hokkaido island, succulent braised pork belly reaches new levels of delicious at Sushi Boto.


While the Japanese have always been famous for their sashimi, the change in season shines a light on the delicious assortment of high-protein and rice dishes on offer.


Donburi or (also referred to as Domburi) is a general term in Japanese for “bowl”. However, it also popularly refers to a bowl of cooked rice served with a protein, tofu or vegetable base.


Our tip for the winter? Cooked at a lower temperature for a longer period of time, pork belly don is the sweet and sticky selection for the foodie at heart.

Meat the Challenge, Think Asia and Sushi Boto are located in S. Collins Lane’s Food Hall on Level Two.